Take Action: Call or write your legislators about Cap and Trade

Call or write your State Senators and Assembly Members and tell them to OPPOSE AB398 a backroom deal which would make cap and trade worse, and SUPPORT a real upgrade of cap and trade like Senate Bill 775 or one that meets the principles below.

First: find your legislators’ contact info

Suggested script:

Hello my name is _______________ and I live in ______________.

I support good carbon pricing in California.

I strongly urge you to OPPOSE AB398, a backroom deal which would make our air quality worse and make it harder to meet our climate goals.

  • AB398 provides billions of dollars in free allowances and tax breaks to polluting industries.
  • AB398 will be ineffective at reducing emissions and will mean we fail to meet our climate goals.
  • AB398 does nothing to support low- and middle-income families.
  • AB398 prevents local air districts from regulating local polluters.

Vote NO on AB398.

Instead, please SUPPORT a real upgrade to cap and trade that will be equitable and effective. We need carbon pricing in California that reduces emissions while supporting our families, our communities, and our economy.

We need:

  • A high price collar with a floor of $60 and a ceiling of $120/ton of CO2 by 2030
  • An end to offsets that allow local pollution to continue
  • An end to free pollution allowances
  • A climate dividend that returns revenue to every California resident
  • To deal with surplus allowances from the current program so they don’t undermine the post-2020 program
  • Improved Air Quality and the continued ability to regulate locally for healthy air and a healthy climate.

Thank you.

Thank you for taking action to support equitable, efficient, and effective carbon pricing in California!

Comparison on AB398 and SB775