Californians for a Carbon Tax (CalFACT) is a grassroots organization promoting equitable, efficient, and effective carbon pricing in California.

We work with organizations within the environmental justice movement and others who are advocating for a carbon tax as the best carbon pricing solution for California.

We believe a tax on carbon can be designed to:

  • More effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions in California,
  • Reduce emissions of toxic co-pollutants making our neighborhoods healthier,
  • Be simpler and more transparent than Cap and Trade,
  • Support low-income households and disadvantaged communities,
  • Provide a predictable price on carbon that will stimulate investment in and deployment of clean energy technologies,
  • Be easy to implement in other states and other countries that don’t have the regulatory infrastructure that California does.

We work with other local groups to build relationships with elected officials in California and with government agencies to educate and advocate for a carbon tax, and build public support for effective climate solutions.