CalFACT is a grassroots organization promoting effective, efficient, and equitable carbon pricing in California.

CalFACT formed in 2016 to advocate for improvements in California’s Greenhouse Gas Solutions Act (AB32) in alliance with environmental justice organizations and other groups.

We advocated for legislation developed to correct some of the flaws and create improvements in the existing Cap and Trade system. (See About US and SB775 below for details). When AB398 was developed behind closed doors and fast tracked in the legislature, CalFACT worked in concert with over 60 groups to publicize the problems inherent in this legislation and to ultimately oppose this approach.

CalFACT continues to stand with and support environmental justice communities working for strong implementation of climate policies that provide for community participation and equity.

We continue to educate on the impact a dividend (rebate) can play in supporting equity, protecting vulnerable populations and ensuring sustainable, effective carbon pricing.

Our work coordinates with the educational work of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby California Policy Team which builds relationships with elected officials and government agencies in California. This work educates about national carbon pricing policy and how it will affect California. Central to this is advocating for carbon fee and dividend as an effective, equitable and efficient national policy solution.